The European Union imposes strict requirements on the working hours of professional drivers. Driver fatigue increases the risk of accidents. In order to reduce the risk of accidents due to overtiredness, it is strictly controlled. The fines resulting from exceeding the limit are therefore substantial. Fleetassist therefore introduces extensive tacho analyses of driving and rest times per driver.

Up-to-date insight into driving times and rest periods with Fleetassist tacho module

Fleetassist rolls out a new module to gain insight into current driving and rest times. Our system automatically checks whether your vehicles and drivers comply with European directives (EU Regulation (EC) No 561/2006).

All data is now perfectly readable in an activity timeline. The timeline shows exactly how long during a working day and week the driver has driven, rested or stopped to load and unload. It can also be seen when the driver card is not registered. All data can be read per driver. Infringements are also easily recognized in the timeline by means of flag symbols. By simply clicking on the flag, the details of the violation will become visible.

driving times and rest periods analysis

Analyzing Tachograph Offences

With the driving and rest periods analysis, the fleet manager can see all offences schematically and sorted so that action can be taken. All data is exported in a PDF file in which it is clearly stated where which offence has been committed. The EU distinguishes between 16 different offences, which makes it easy for a driver to commit an accidental offence and thus unconsciously run the risk of being fined.

By collecting this data, the fleet manager can investigate the reasons for the violation and thus prevent it from happening more often. The data can be used for training purposes or to improve planning in order to reduce the risk of accidents and high fines.

Fleetassist already offered various possibilities to gain insight into trip data and tachograph data.

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