Health Care Fleet Management

Plan simple Your care routes with Fleetassist. By linking Fleetassist with Google maps, you can schedule your routes from behind your PC or mobile device and assign them directly to your caregivers. Look in one store or your employees are running on schedule. Are all the patients on the route visited on time, for example? If not, you can get in touch with the customer directly.

The registration of working hours has Also become Fleetassist Éénvoudiger. See when an employee has started and then ended up with a service. Easily Create a twist of historical routes.

Other Industries

Installation Technology

See in one store where your staff is located, so everything goes according to schedule!

Maintenance & Repair

Plan your assignments as effectively and efficiently as possible with Fleetassist!


From van to trucks, Fleetassist is your partner in track & Trace!


We offer the ideal solution to track your valuable work equipment 24/7!


Which Personnel/vehicle on which assignment? View in one store where your employees and vehicles are located!


Hours Accountability via track & Trace! Get reliable insight into start and end times!


Plan efficient staff in customers in the same area. Cost-and time-saving!

Is your industry not there?

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