Fleetassist uses the latest state-of-art hardware for Ritregistratie and fleet management. In 95% of the cases, we use one blackbox which has various options In terms of configuration.

The RUP01 Ritregistratie and track & Trace module is equipped with the latest GPS technology that has even been prepared for the successor of the GPS, namely the GLONASS network. The hardware is equipped with an internal battery so that all ritregistraties and other information is as good as possible back-upt.

The hardware only communicates with our own servers. ALL data is encrypted with the highest possible encryption. ALL servers meet the highest ISO standards. Information is stored only in its own server park.


More and more companies want corporate social responsibility and contribute to the environment. Fleetassist offers the possibility to gain insight in the behaviour of employees, also known as behavioural analysis, ECOdrive or Green drive.

Fleetassist has a special Track & Trace/ritregistratie System For mapping the driving behaviour. This system has the ability to pair CANBUS with the Track and Trace system.
By Default Our system has a basic driving style analysis. A link on the CANBUS network of the vehicle will display additional information, allowing For an extensive driving style analysis. To make this possible we use the RUPCAN01.

With the RUPCAN01 it is even possible to read standard fault codes remotely. Always Inform first whether the vehicle is supported. More information about Ecodrive or Greendriving can be found at "Driving Behaviour analysis".


5 reasons why Fleetassist

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High R.O.I.

Fleetassist deserves to be reclaimed in a short time, including time and fuel savings! Already suitable from 2 cars..

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Measuring is knowing

Complete control over every movement of your fleet! With Fleetassist you have always and direct access to the detail.

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24/7 Online

The platform is 24/7 and accessible worldwide via any device. This Allows you to grip your fleet anytime, anywhere!

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Monthly Opzegbaar

With us You do not get a strangle contract of one year. You can just cancel every month!

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Our servers meet the strictest certifications and latest privacy requirements. Our hardware and software meets all European requirements.

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    Other Solutions

    Fleetassist has the right solution for every customer. Whether It's Ritregistratie, fleet management, driving style analysis, everything is possible with Fleetassist. Your Partner in Fleet management. Choose below for our different solutions.


    Cost-Effective, simple and easy ritregistratie tracking via the Fleetassist Ritregistratie software. Always a closing ritregistratie.

    Fleet Management

    Stable and reliable for 1 to thousands of users. Based on techniques that companies like Google and Amazon use! Multi Browser!


    Get 24/7 and anywhere in the world to understand the driving habits of your fleet. Save fuel costs and costly maintenance..


    State-of-art fleet management hardware suitable for any solution! Now all equipped with the successor of GPS, namely GLONASS!


    State-of-art fleet management hardware suitable for any solution! Now all equipped with the successor of GPS, namely GLONASS!


    Intuitive fleet management software, suitable for everyone. Accessible on any medium including PC, tablet or smartphone. Without an APP!