Installation Technique Fleet Management

Our Total Solution also offers a total solution for the Installatietechnische services for fleet management. Get full insight into all driven rides of, for example, the malfunction/maintenance service, so that it can be easily and quickly billed. No more discussion about hours worked, anytime, anywhere insight!

Fleetassist is focused on a cost-effective total solution that gives your company clarity on matters! No long waiting times of ten different companies, but when questions and/or problems are equal to action. We arrange it for you and you have a headache less and save a valuable time and money.

Other Industries


We offer the ideal solution to track your valuable work equipment 24/7!

Maintenance & Repair

Plan your assignments as effectively and efficiently as possible with Fleetassist!


From van to trucks, Fleetassist is your partner in track & Trace!

Health care

Plan the ideal route along different addresses and accurately view the location of your employees!


Which Personnel/vehicle on which assignment? View in one store where your employees and vehicles are located!


Hours Accountability via track & Trace! Get reliable insight into start and end times!


Plan efficient staff in customers in the same area. Cost-and time-saving!

Is your industry not there?

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