Maintenance and Repair fleet management

It is important For the technical service to be able to work quickly and accurately. Fleetassist is a total solution and offers a solution for all possible activities. You may have already arranged all The other activities, but still have no track & trace? Then you have come to the right place!
Our vehicle tracking ensures that you control your outside service from your office. It is valuable to know what time your employees leave, which route they drove home and then, what time they are at home. With This information you can get some. You can use it to improve your business processes.

Other Industries


We offer the ideal solution to track your valuable work equipment 24/7!

Installation Technology

See in one store where your staff is located, so everything goes according to schedule!


From van to trucks, Fleetassist is your partner in track & Trace!

Health care

Plan the ideal route along different addresses and accurately view the location of your employees!


Which Personnel/vehicle on which assignment? View in one store where your employees and vehicles are located!


Hours Accountability via track & Trace! Get reliable insight into start and end times!


Plan efficient staff in customers in the same area. Cost-and time-saving!

Is your industry not there?

If your industry does not mean that we do not have a solution for your branch. Fleetassist is applicable in hundreds of branches which we cannot enumerate each. Please Inform Yourself by using the form below!

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