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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes for sure! We can easily convert your ritregistratie. Please Contact us and we will look for an appropriate solution together with you.

At This moment, For safety reasons, you cannot manually correct the mileage. Send us an email with your registration plate, mileage and time when the mileage is quoted. We will make the kilometer correction in the back office.

Log in with your account on the Fleetassist platform. Click on "reports" in the left menu bar. Click on "Create a new report", fill in all your requirements and click on "Generate". The report is Then generated as an Excel file. Various export formats are possible.

Fleetassist measures your mileage by means of GPS and GPRS (in the air). The mileage in your car is a calibrated stand. This allows a minimal difference between the actual mileage and the stand as in Fleetassist after a while. For this reason, the mileage must be corrected regularly. The derogation shall not exceed 3%.

* Depending on the brand and type of car, the mileage can also be measured using a CAN bus coupling. In this case, the stand is measured by means of on-board computer data and the mileage is always equal to that of the actual position. Ask for the possibilities.

Yes, the Ritregistratie reports that you can generate from Fleetassist meet the latest requirements of the tax authority 100%. ALL information requested by the Tax authority will be displayed in the reports. Additional data can be added If desired.

We recommend using the following browsers;

  • Modzilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

If you do not have it on your computer, you can download and install it. If This fails we will be happy to help you through Remote Desktop.
Please Contact us by mail or telephone.

When at Apple the Safari browser is on private state you cannot login to the Fleetassist platform. When you turn the Privemodus off, you can log in easily.


In The following way you can create a shortcut/APP feature on your desktop.

  1. Go to
  2. Then, at the bottom of the Schermop, Click the middle icon (square with the arrow pointing up)
  3. You then get the option "Put in Home Screen"
  4. If you choose this the shortcut will be on your desktop



When entering your username, be Careful not to use uppercase letters unless this is actually your user name.

As an example; not working without capital Letter works

Because It is a user name, this case is sensitive.

In Order To be able To make a conclusive and approved Ritregistratie, the following information is necessary;

  • Car Brand
  • Car Type
  • Badge
  • Period when the car is used
  • Initial and final position of the odometer
  • Start time and end time of the ride
  • Ridden route (also via points)
  • Private Living/work – Business Ride
  • Private drive kilometres for self-interest, during a previous business trip

If the Ritregistratie is incorrect or not conclusive, the Tax authorities ' inspector may impose an absence penalty and may be up to €5,278.  If the intent or gross negligence is concerned, even a higher fine is possible. It is a comment that the inspector must assess whether the facts are sufficiently serious to impose such a fine.

When a car of the case is for business use only a worker can request a "statement no private usage car". With This statement you will not receive any addition. Please Note; This does not mean that no conclusive ritregistratie should be kept. Contrary. It must be proven that the car has been used for no more than 500 km of private use. A conclusive ritregistratie is necessary For This. It Appears later that the addition did not take place incorrectly than it can result in an absence penalty of 80% of €5,278. In the Case of incorrect or incomplete registrations, the absence penalty will be charged to 100% of €5,278.

If There is gross negligence or intent in the game, the employees do not risk an absence penalty, but a penalty of 40% or 80% of the advanced tax. In the case of an incorrect or incomplete ritregistratie, the grip may be up to 100%. In This case, the inspector must examine whether the case is serious enough for such a high fine. If a penalty is imposed, it is necessary to ask the inspector for a good basis.

Anyone who runs a car for free and with unlimited private driving will be required to pay a percentage of the addition depending on the type and brand. The plan is to enter tiered addition. So far it is not yet! This pays you to the ratio of private use to an X percentage of addition. This means that someone who drives 5,000 kilometers privately pays more addition than anyone who drives 2,000 kilometers privately. For Tiered addition a ritregistratiesysteem is obligatory.

The Government and interested parties are currently investigating the possibilities for tiered addition. Tiered addition has been a hot item for some time, but no knots have been cut to date. More on this Later.

Many people wonder if a ritregistratie is necessary. A ritregistratie is necessary when you drive a car from the case. This is because it is also private and the Tax office sees this advantage as a wage in kind. Because The wage is in kind, wage tax must be paid and this is called the well-known tax addition.

The only way to prevent tax addition is to show that there is less than 500 kilometers of private driving.  The ritregistratie is necessary. The Tax office sees a ritregistratie already convincing evidence, because it can be demonstrated that there is indeed less than 500 km of privately ridden. Please Note; We also recommend adding your calendar, fuel receipts and any maintenance bills. With This you have a clear and clear story and you avoid high addition.

The Ritregistratie must be tracked by the driver of the car, but will also be monitored by the company and added to the administration.  Fleetassist advises not to keep a ritregistatie on paper. A close Ritregistratiesysteem is highly recommended. More information can be found on our website.

To give a demo remotely we use a so-called Remote Desktop. We only use Teamviewer, because it guarantees security for both parties. You can download them from the Teamviewer site;

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Below you can find several downloads.

Download here The brochure of Fleetassist

On Request We Will send you the user manual by mail. The User manual is intended exclusively for customers with an active login. Send an email to You will soon receive a link with the manual by mail.

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