Tachograph reading Distance

Save a lot of time and money with the remote reading of the tachograph. Fleetassist offers a fully automatic solution for tachograph files. It is no longer necessary to read each tachograph manually. As a Result, there is always a complete insight into the vehicle fleet.

How does it remotely read out a tachograph?

In Advance, Fleetassist will first check whether your current tachograph is suitable for remote download. Not all tachographs have this option enabled by default. Some older tachographs cannot do this.

When a technical specification is turned out via the tachograph, it can be quickly and easily examined whether the tachograph is suitable. During installation, the tachograph will be connected to our RUP01CAN hardware. The RUP01CAN is automatically provided with the basic Plus subscription.

The tachograph files can be downloaded Via the online portal and the latest Tacho file is always available. These tacho files can always be stored on your own computer, but are also archived in the system.  Our platform downloads both the driver card and the general memory of the tachograph. This way you can always read your tachograph remotely.


What are the costs?

To get an indication of the costs we would like to make a quote. Request a quote using the form below. You can also request a live demo via our website. Within 15 minutes from behind the own computer A live demo can be given and is equally clear whether the product fits the wishes.

Advantages Of Tachograph Reading remotely

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Flawless Reading

Fleetassist remote tachograph reads completely flawlessly. Limit the risk of data loss and prevent fines.

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Time Saving

Vehicles do not need to be returned to the office. Reading out the tachograph can be remotely.

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Cost savings

Everything goes completely automatically and needs no more physical actions.

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Remote Download

Everywhere and always 24/7 the tachograph and Bestuurderspas can be downloaded. Because of This The administration is always up to date.

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Securely Archived

All tachodata is securely stored and can be downloaded through our platform at all times. Our servers meet the strictest certifications and latest privacy requirements.

What is a tachograph?

A tachograph is intended to gain insight in all driving and rest periods for heavy vehicles. These include trucks, heavy duty buses, touringscars, etc. In the Netherlands a tachograph is obligatory. Some exceptions are when vehicles are used on their own territory.

To use a tachograph, you need a driver's card and a company card. The driver Card is read at least every 27 days. The company card must be read at least every 3 months.

Via the Fleetassist platform you can read the tachograph remotely. These files can only be downloaded when the vehicle is on contact and the drivers are present. Without driver card and on contact the system recognizes directly. Via our Tacho Scheduler, a schedule can easily be made by tachograph when the files need to be downloaded.

ALL data is archived digitally and also have the possibility to be downloaded locally.

Driving without a card with a tachograph

When driving without a valid card with a vehicle containing a digital tachograph is punishable. They also call this "out of scope". When a vehicle is on the public road, a valid driver's card must be present in the tachograph at all times.




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    Reading tachograph remotely

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