Private Stand Vehicle Tracking

In the Netherlands, Privacy is an important item for everyone and rightly so. Not everyone has to know where everyone is.

Fleetassist has a perfect solution for companies that want to understand the business movements and want to shield the private part. THE vehicle tracking can be set to business and private via a switch. When A ride is driven, it can be monitored through our platform. These rides can all be reported. When The driver puts the car on private, the vehicle is no longer to follow and the rides are not recorded either. Please Note; These rides and locations cannot be redirected afterwards either. Privacy = privacy.

The advantages of this private function are;

  • Counting mileage, so no gaps in the administration
  • Business movements of the vehicle fleet are always insightful
  • Privately the employer can not follow co-workers

On The examples On the right you will see 2 cases.

For Images 1 You will see a long dotted Line from A to B. This is from the moment the switch is set to private until it is put back on business. Intermediate routes are not visible. For example, You can drive from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. This will not be visible in the reports and routes in the platform.

On Figure 2 you will see links below that the switch is on private state. Vehicle runs idle but gives no current location. Only Last known location. All Private journeys cannot be held back, please take this into account.


What are the costs?

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